Persistent URL parameters


Do you know a way to keep the same url parameter all along the vistor’s navigation ?

For example, my visitor arrives on www.example/form/?source=google. I want to get the source in the form via a hidden field. If the visitor navigates to the homepage, the url parameter is lost and if he fills in the form afterwards, I’ve lost the source.

Many thanks for your help

I had to create a cookie just for that.
I hadn’t thought to ask. Let’s hope there’s a way.

Following. I’d love to track visitors from different sources.

Hello. My 2 cents:
Use custom scripts to :

  • store the source parameter in a variable
  • rewrite all urls found in a page adding this variable at the end, so that it follows the user wherever it goes

Ideas :
GET → url - Get the values from the "GET" parameters (JavaScript) - Stack Overflow
url rewriting - append url parameters to all links - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

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