Forward URL Parameters on List Item Click/Action to 'Open URL' or Grid Link 'Go to External URL'

I need to be able to pass parameters forward to create a custom Wizard workflow where AirTable URLs or hard-coded URLs may be used on combination with one another and where the parameters are retained for hidden form field usage or other presentational custom code.

Softr only supports using READING appended parameters on URLs for Forms; therefore hierarchical selection and navigation where parameters are added or need to be used on inbound links are not retained without substantial workarounds typically requiring javascript coding.

Allow the ability to ‘forward’ URL parameters on Item Clicks or Button Actions to URLs.

Since ONE goal is to land on a Form page and have Hidden fields pull in the parameters through wizard hierarchical navigation [other users have many posts with additional parameter requirements], the ability to append parameters to the url so the Form can digest them would greatly extend the Softr service and reduce reliance on AirTable and custom coding… getting again one step close to no-code development.

Note: the proposed solution obviously has some caveats, one question I am sure engineering will ask is what do you do with the ‘?recordId=’ parameter. On first blush, I would recommend you simply include all parameters except that one since technically going from an item list page to an items details page could corrupt the results.