One-click favorites without code

Hi all - I saw a post in the Community the other day about simplifying the ability to save/add favorites with Softr now that we have the new one-click update action buttons. Here’s an approach I took, curious to hear how others are handling it.


Hey! I am a fan of your content. Glad to see you using and teaching softr.

Hey @automationhelpers, thank you for sharing this video tutorial with the community :heart:

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What would be your suggestion if you did have thousands of users favouriting things at the same time?

More importantly, would you need to set up a different page for the list details of the favourited items?

In your example, you used some lookups to populate the item cards (image, etc). If a user then wanted to click that item to get more details, they would need to be directed to a separate page to the one you usually use for the regular clothes, right?

This is also a great example of a basic junction table for those who may need to understand how/why we can make a third table to get the result we need. This can chew through a ton of records, though, if that is a concern.

Hey this is awesome thanks for sharing! I’m wondering if there is a hack when doing this on a table list block to change the table heading for the “Favourites column” from “actions” to something else? Can this be done with custom code?