"Adding to favourites" with action buttons

Has anyone made a slick work flow for adding items to a user’s favourites with the new action buttons? There was the big workaround before, but I’m hoping things will be quicker now.

I want a user to be able to click an action button on a list block which opens a modal showing the playlists the have created. They click which one they want to add it to and boom, the item will now show whenever they open that playlist.

The current workaround I consists of forms and webhooks. It works, but requires more clicks and loading that I’d like!

Hi @James I think I have a nice approach, I have tried these steps:

  1. In Airtable you create a column “Single line text”,and it has to be empty
  2. You go to Softr side, and choose a “List with vertical cards and tags”, for me in this step it is usefull the “Tag” field
  3. Choose action botton “one click updated”, and place :heart: sign for example. In this way, once you update the field as it is empty, it appears the symbol in Airtable and Softr, such as your favourite product.
  4. Repeat the block,but this time, with conditional “Field x is not empty”, so this block could be like a second after the first one, or in a modal to open wherever you want…

Thank you, that looks smooth…

But, won’t that add a heart to everyone’s view of that item?

Hey @James - saw your post, here is the approach I took with the new action buttons: One-click favorites without code

Hey Dan,

This is bloody fantastic! I feel like I can make this work on my site for teachers to quickly “favourite” a task they can come to later on. Great for the free plan as an added value piece.

I have a more complex premium package that requires some updates. And that is a playlist feature, where premium users can make several playlists. They can then add a task into a playlist of their choice. At the moment, we’re using webhooks and the like to make it happen. It does function, but there must be a quicker way!

During testing, several teachers said that they wanted a way to quickly add to a playlist from within an item card (just like the favourite heart you used), however they would also need to be able to select which playlist to add it to…

Any thoughts?

I’m also looking for some assistance for my app. We are launching in August and I want this playlist feature, as well as some others upgraded and then maintained once we’re up and running. Fancy a chat about that?