Next item and previous item buttons for lists

Hi -

when my users visit a list detail site, I’d want to them to see two buttons: “next item” “previous item” in order to click easily to the next entries. This would also help tremendously with SEO.

I can’t seem to figure out how this works - any ideas?

No one has a clue?

This use case was brought many times = no solution found as there is no possibility in Airtable to get the next or past recordId.
Here is a thread about it

Using Make could be a solution (thoug I’m not sure), but if each time a user clicks a Make automation runs… Sorry I won’t try this :sweat_smile:

Hey AJM!

Try this:

  1. Find the table where you have your records.
  2. Add two fields to your table; one named Previous, and one named Next
  3. In the ‘next’ field, put the URL of your next record and do the previous one for your previous field.
  4. Go to softr studio
  5. Open your list details page
  6. Add two buttons field type.
  7. Map them to your ‘next’ and ‘previous’ field.
  8. Publish.

Now if you want to automate this, that is a whole different story but a quick reading in airtable community will say that:

‘You could have a script that takes a record, finds its position in your selected View, then finds the record with that position+1, then either: inserts the relevant value into Record 1, or links Record 2 to Record 1 and uses a Lookup field to pull in the value.’

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