Newbie Softr user with a question

Hello Softr Community,

New user here - trying to create client portals for my growing business. Liking everything so far, but definitely a steep learning curve!

I’d like to be able to customise the landing page for when my users log in - something like “Hello, {user name}!”. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! And welcome!

This could be of interest to you : @{LOGGED_IN_USER:NAME} For personalized content - #2 by dcoletta

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Thanks @matthieu_chateau
I did see that post but couldn’t get the custom code to work. I’m not experienced in code so wasn’t sure how to fix. Guess I was hoping for a ‘no code’ solution alongside all the other great features Softr has. :slightly_smiling_face:

@BronMS if you share the url we can help I guess :slight_smile: we just need to see what’s potentially broken…

Thanks @artur for the offer to assist. Excuse my ignorance, but since the page sits in a ‘Logged in users’ area, how do I provide you with the URL to see what’s broken?

Hey @BronMS,

Let me sub in for Artur!

You can generate and DM magic link to Artur or post it here if there is no sensitive content.

Just to make sure, have you checked this thread @BronMS

We have a workaround here with custom code.