New Softr pricing?

By now everyone should have received the email about Softr’s upcoming change in pricing and features. What do you think about it?

Softr Pricing Update 2

Softr Pricing Update 5

I’m not sure I understand the purpose of differentiating between Internal and External users. How is that even defined; by the email domain?

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I think I have understood the new plans/pricing/features and I would still need to be on the Business plan to have Advanced Data Permissions (I assume these are Field level edit permissions per each User Group) … and the increase in price for this is more than an additional 50% on current prices.

What would work really well for me, would be to pay the same (or less!) to have just one custom domain, one user (me) and additional collaborators charged per-head (I probably would have only one other, or none). I could go with fewer Records per dynamic block, and fewer users too.

If there are enough people with similar circumstances to mine, and there’s any opportunity for a review at Softr HQ, I’d certainly appreciate seeing another plan on offer.

Still loving Softr. It is a great product, and a great team behind it.


Will the lifetime Startup customers still get access to all features and limits available? Also, interested how internal & external users are defined. Thanks.

I thought the distinction between internal and external users was confusing. I felt extra domains were overpriced. Apparently, they aren’t guaranteeing any new functionality to be given to legacy plan customers (painful). Also, I worry about complexity of permissions peing pushed even further into tiers.

Love the team and the product. But the pricing move feels a bit rushed. I’m sure they will nail it though :slight_smile:

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Hey Jakob,

Below is the definition - we will share more details and information on the actual launch date.

Internal Users

An app user whose email domain:

  • is shared by ANY collaborator in your workspace.
  • is one of the domain you whitelisted in the “domain-based signup” feature

(Free email domains, such as Gmail, Outlook, Prontonmail, etc don’t count.)

External Users

An app user whose email domain:

  • is a free email domain, such as Gmail, Outlook, Prontonmail, etc
  • is not shared by ANY collaborator in your workspace
  • is not used in “domain-based signup” feature

There is a need to differentiate as due to the nature of our product, we have many different types of customers and use cases. People building public-facing applications care more about the number of external users. People building internal company tools care more about the number of internal team members. So we have to make sure our pricing works well for both types of customers and helps them start small, and scale as they scale their app usage and functionality.

Hope this explains it, feel free to follow up if you have more questions.


Hey Mark, thanks for the feedback!

In fact, there is almost no change in the Basic/Advanced Permissions. It’ll work exactly like now.

  • All plans can use Custom user groups for visibility rules
  • The editing permissions will become more generous - now on all plans you can define Edit Permissions, for Logged In Users at least
  • You can define more granular permissions for custom user groups on Business plan

So not much changed here, only opening up Editing functionality to all plans (but with action button release, as those changes are interlinked).

Also, if you are an entrepeneurs, small business - the changes are actually much more favorable for you as they should reflect your need and usage of Softr. Instead of paying for the higher Pro plan currently, just to access more members or editing functioanlity, you could be on the Basic plan, and get the full web-app functioanlity, with less cost.

Re: for Softr to suggest a new offer - I’m not sure I understood this fully - can you pls elaborate on this a bit more?

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Hey Nick,

Re: internal vs external users - pls see the definition mentioned above.

Re: old Maker/Startup customers - they’ll continue using all the features they currently have, no change there. Also, as they are mapped to the current Prof / Business plans in terms of functionality, you will also receive any “new feature” updates on the new Prof / Business plans. We don’t yet have “new features” with this new pricing change, but will come soon (things like action buttons, conditional forms).

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Hey Eugene,

Sorry for the confusion. Unfortunately at the end of my email the FAQ was not updated, and contained the sentence “Any newly released functionality that’s added to the new plans, will not be available in the old plans.” This isn’t true actually, all the old customers of Professional and Business plans will get any “new features” we will be releasing during the year - we don’t want to have customers and old plans with very old functionality :slight_smile: we want to make sure all our customers use the up-to-date platform and it’s the same platform for everyone.

Hope this helps clarify it.

Hey Mariam - thanks for clarifying. Looking forward to all the great stuff you guys will come up with in 2023. I’m sure you guys will be super successful.


Thanks @Mariam, I appreciate the time you’ve taken to explain. A question of clarification:

The ‘new’ Pro plan shows data permissions as ‘basic’ … I do need “Field level edit permissions per each User Group” (with multiple groups) and that’s what has led me to think that I would either keep the current/old Business plan or have to move to the new, and more expensive Business plan for Advanced data permissions.

Is it the case that a new Pro plan WILL give me “Field level edit permissions per each User Group” (with multiple groups)?

If this is the case, no need for “… Softr to suggest a new offer! (I’m not sure I understood this fully - can you pls elaborate on this a bit more?)” - and I’ll not elaborate and introduce any further confusion!

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The initial email sounded promising, but the plans are basically doubled or more in price. I’m still building something out prior to going live, and I haven’t quite yet worked out how to best monetize my idea. if I go live, I would love to aim for > 5000 members so the current professional plan would probably suit my needs, but on the new plans, I would have to go for Business - that’s a jump from $65 a month to $269 a month.
And then if my idea is successful with the current plan I can see that my max cost would be $165 a month, but with the new plans, should I go beyond 10,000 members I’m moving into enterprise territory with unknown costs.

It’s a great platform and I have been really enjoying developing with it, but I feel like I now have just over a week to decide - sign up for the current professional plan or look for another platform and start again from scratch. I can justify spending $65 a month whilst I figure things out, but I can’t justify $269 or even $139 a month, whilst building up a user base and working out how to monetize the idea.


Hello I am currently on the “professional” plan and I do not understand the update, how do I keep my 10,000 monthly users since I am already a professional subscriber? :question:

In my opinion, and knowing many entrepreneurs and startupers, the subscription is now too expensive and the “nocode” effect with many people who feel “able to do everything” is in danger of being lost. 3k€ a year is still cheaper than a full-time developer or a greedy service provider, but I don’t know if I would have started on Softr initially if I had seen these prices. Probably not.

Like the rest of you, I love softr and will continue to defend the product, more for those who have money than all the people I have met so far :confused:


Hi Mariam, thanks for joining in and clarifying your plans.
Speaking of legacy plans, you clarified that existing features (membership, number of records,…) and any new features launched for each plan will carry over. Will the pricing of legacy plans change at the end of their terms? I assume they will change to the new (updated) pricing, but I wanted to confirm.

@Ben no we don’t expire the existing plans they can keep going as long as needed

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@lea old plans will remain as is. I don’t see how you will loose anything you already have as a part of the plan


@artur We do lose access to switching between different legacy plans or payment plans. For instance, I was forced to get into the yearly plan with a few days deadline, otherwise lose that option forever. Even though it’s your full prerrogative to price your product as you see fit, it’s distasteful to corner your faithful early adopters like this.

Again, does that mean the PRICE stays the same as long as you stay on your plan moving forward?

@Ben YES. If you stay on the same Plan (you don’t cancel or you don’t change) you will keep paying the same

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@dvarela we will be supportive towards moves within the old pricing monthly vs yearly…

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