⚡ New action: One-click add value

Hi all,

You can now add additional value to any multi-select or linked record fields with One-click Update action!

This is perfect for use cases like:

  • Event RSVP
  • Saving / Add to favorite
  • One-click apply
  • Tagging / labeling

P.S. Next up we will also let you clear existing value using one-click update :wink:


Awesome update!

One questions regarding this up-coming clear existing value button.

Using this scenario image you provided, if ‘Olivia Brown’ cleared existing value, would it remove just ‘Olivia Brown’ from the Participants field or would it clear the entire cell including ‘Isaac Lawan’ and others?

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Amazing, guys!! :green_heart:
Cutting my UX from six seconds to two seconds - huuuge improvement as saving items is super important to my use case :heart_eyes:

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This is amazing but I got trouble finding it ? whenever I create a one click update I dont see the option for this new feature.

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For linked records? So someone could effectively register and unregister? And if so, would this be on one button? (This would be awesome!)

Finally, when roughly will this be added? I’ll need this functionality before implementing it. I’ve wanted this feature ever since being on Softr!

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Me too!

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Great to see improvements to existing features. Looking forward to clearing values!

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Can anyone on the team give even a rough answer to any of my prior questions?

Wow that sounds great! Any more documentation on how to implement these features? Especially to favorite an item. I can only find fairly old tutorials.

Is this available when using Google Sheets?

Hi there,

I am using this feature and it’s great but I am struggling with two problems :

Problem 1 :

  • When a user adds a content, his name is added on the list of users who have added this content. For this, I’m using a table in Airtable (let’s say table A)
  • I have another table linked to his one with an automation (table B), which is the only way I found to add customization options. My users can here change the status or add notes to the content they have added on the first step.
  • So, when a second user adds a content, his name is added on table A, which creates a new entry on table B, with both his name + the names of every other members who have added this content.
  • As a consequence, the users see some content in double or triple, since my conditionnal view is based on the fact that they are linked to this content.

Problem 2 :

  • How are we supposed to let the users remove their action ? Unlike, delete, etc. ? When I added a “delete” button, it allows them to delete the principle entry (aka deleting for everyone!).

I am sure I am not the only one meeting this problems. Thanks a lot for your help !

And sorry for my English :smiley: