More details about the updates

Yesterday, I noticed that the blocks are issued an update. When I click the link to update it only shows the message “Improvement on date and time submission.”. There should be a link to show a more detailed description of what was changed.

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kelshaer - A very good question. I have been looking in every resource I can find with no results. I am developing a date/time critical application. I have run a couple of experiments but can’t see where any date / time type changes have been made. If I figure out the implications/useability I’ll be happy to drop a line on it.

I would humbly suggest to the good folks at Softr to draft some basic techs and specs to publish concurrently with updates that affect all our applications.

Thanks for raising this. I will discuss this internally to link into more specific documents for the suture updates

Upping this topic. I was looking all over for details…(was hoping the 24-hour time picker was replaced! major user complaint)