GENERAL Block Update Notification

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If older versions of blocks become obsolete, a general notification of ALL updatable blocks on a Softr app would save an enormous amount of configuration time.


When you consider the amount of blocks on each page and the amount of pages for an app is extensive, the above notification when an individual block is opened that happens to have an update will inevitably be missed over time. The first time I saw this notification, I assumed that blocks would be updatable retroactive to the original block released. Since this is not the case, ALL blocks on every page of every app need to be opened and checked for an update regularly.

Since existing blocks are not always updatable, a general notification of ALL of the blocks with updates would be greatly appreciated instead of having to re-configure blocks that expire.


Hey @Ben,

Thanks for the feature request. This is a repetitive one indeed, I will discuss the details with the product team to see when we will be able to release it.

I came here with the same question! Recently, I was previewing a draft page and couldn’t figure out why the header wasn’t fixed as set until I realized there was a block update. Then, I went through every block on every page to check.

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Hey Diana,

Thanks for sharing your experience and feedback.

Your vote will be surely taken into account, I will add one more + to our list.

I will make sure to discuss this with the product and tech teams.


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