More and More Flexible Column Options for Blocks (inc. variable)

The fixed column block options are pretty slim. For example, List Details only offers a 3-column option. What if I want 2, or 4, or different width columns. Nope - can’t do that without custom code.

A single master “Column” block with the ability to add columns and have sizing control

e.g. 4 equal width columns
e.g. 2 columns, one at 25% and the other at 75%
e.g. Columns with pre-defined pixel width

Would need

  • Ability to specify # of columns and if they are equal, proportional or fixed width
  • for proportional or fixed the ability to change the width by entering numbers or maybe dragging the column spacers
  • ability to specify space between columns in px (I guess that might be margin settings for each column)

I find that I’m having to hack other block types to get what I need and it’s still not exactly what I’m trying to achieve.


Daer @johntreadway, thank you very much for the suggestion and the detailed explanation of it. I just added it to our feature requests list to consider when planning further List Details block updates!

+1, we definitely need some solution for multi-column layouts. I don’t think you need to offer as many layout options as above - Softr should have good pre-made designs for 2, 3 or 4 columns. My suggestion is to also create new block designs specifically for fitting in a narrow column, and specifically heavy on data presentation. The use case in mind for me is app/game/movie review/comparison sites.


+1 ! and totally agree that Softr has the good basis to add columns within list details or even to create multiple columns with one block per column


Your model doesn’t allow me to have my own custom column layout which is completely required IMO.

We totally understand you, doing our best to improve our app as much as possible and as fast as possible!

Got it, that’s a requirement for you - I’m just sharing my perspective. I have absolutely zero design/layout skills or an eye for how many pixels should be here and there, so I’d prefer to have that part handled for me by Softr.

Actually, it would make sense to keep similar layout options as current blocks already have, but with the addition of side paddings and not just top/bottom. Wouldn’t that solve both our needs?

I get where you’re coming from. The existing layouts are too rigid. Would prefer something more like how you can control columns in tables in Word / Docs but not strictly a table (which is more like Excel / Sheets).

Insert column/row
Merge column / row
Resize by dragging column or row border

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@johntreadway just created a thread here about columns ? Is that your request ?

No - but that looks awesome!

What I was suggesting is something more akin to the table function in Google docs

I can

  • Set how many columns I want
  • How many rows (to display)
  • control over what goes in each row (data, images, content, etc.)

Here are some thoughts regarding table behavior that would be great to see. Tables are super important to a lot of apps but they need a lot more functionality to be truly useful.

Here is a table model that we had custom-coded (not in Softr) for another app.

Check out the video below to see how it behaves