Maps is always geotag on Berlin :(

I configure an open-street-map with latitude and longitude with 3 points geolocated in Italy, but open street map always start on Berlin :frowning:

See the images:

Hey @Lucap6,

This is a part that we are working to improve, we are going to add a default data center so you can define it on the block, I will add your suggestion as an upvote to reprioritize the launch of the feature.


An “up vote” for a correction we ALL expect? What would be the use of leaving the default geolocation ALWAYS on Berlin? I believe, and I am sure that you also agree, that there is a clear distinction between “corrections” and “suggestions/new implementations”. (After writing this post, I read that other people report the same problem).


Plus one. This would have been a useful feature. I do not understand why this block is available when it is not followed through.

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Looking for this as well! This would be such a nice feature, would avoid some very complicated custom code.

Hey folks,

The fix has been deployed now :slight_smile: It’s live you can check.