Map block : starting location

Is there a way of setting the opening map to a different starting location (in my case England) rather than the default of Berlin?

Hi @markFinch
Could you please advise, if you have mapped the longitude, latitude and Title to the block?
If yes, what is the Zoom settings that you have, please advise so I re-create the use-case.

It doesn’t show Berlin on my end, to be honest.

Hi - the long lat and title are mapped from the airtable database - the default start is Germany. The data is UK and scrolling the map, the data can be seen. When the search bar is used, the map starts at Germany and then zooms towards (but not in) the location. the starting zoom level is 6. I have tried using the google maps block which works better as it defaults to the UK though there is no zoom in to the chosen location.

This is happening to for me as well. Both map blocks are using the same airtable datasource.
Please see image for example.

To be honest, I don’t manage to reproduce the issue. Is there a chance you use the old Map block. Would you mind re-creating a new Map block to see if Berlin is shown?

Or if you don’t mind sharing the URL to the page with Map, please do so, I will check the block version on my end. Let’s make sure it’s not a block-version related issue.

I still see this even when creating a new map block. I have switched the google maps which doesn’t have the same issue.

@markFinch To be honest I was testing on the Google Maps, sorry for not clarifying it before.
Let me deep dive into the Open Street map and see if there are any workarounds to fix it.

Any follow up on this Viktoria? This would be a great feature if it worked in a way that was useful.

Hi everyone, I have great news :slight_smile:
The Open Street map changes were deployed today, so now if you select the default view in Softr settings, the first record in the table will be shown by default.
Enjoy the app!