List / Table view - Grouping records

Oh that’s interesting and May work.

Would I have control over fonts / borders etc and be able to keep the grouping


Hello all

Still struggling with this - the attached example is the best I can get - but it is rubbish!

Any other ideas?

To create this, I created a different view for each of my groups in Airtable, then duplicated the table in Softr and selected the relevant view.

Of course this is clunky (to say the least) - but also -

Does not allow filters or sort to work across all the tables
I can’t see a way of adding the date to the top of each table. (the left hand most column is redundant)Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 10.43.42 pm

Any other ideas would be most welcome!


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Hey @daviesap,

If you could add a photoshop pic where you would show where exactly you want to see the I would try to help or at least add it as a feature request.


One solution is to add a Date filter.

This is added as a feature request @MFAB :slight_smile:

Hi Suzie - are you the person I was chatting with today via the website?

Hi @daviesap, Yes :slight_smile:

Hi Suzie

Do you happen to know if there is an update on this?

Hey @daviesap,

Still no updates on this. This is added to Features list but not sure when it will be prioritised and released.

Just wondering if this was possible now?

I would agree that there is almost nothing you can do on your side to mimic airtable grouping into softr tables.

However grouping by field will take softr tables to the next level. I just hope the guys take your request into serious consideration.



I second that. Not having the ability to group a table makes it difficult to view larger sets of data. Hope this feature is coming soon.

I’d love to see an update to the table block to include “group by”.

I have a request currently to group a table of line items by proposal number and I don’t have a way to deliver that functionality.

Hi Suzie,

This is an area I’m struggling with as well… so if I may answer your question for an example - this is what would be truly helpful for me: a table view in which I can present options (rows when collapsed) which can be opened individually (or be default opened) to show specifications of each option.

(note that the current workaround I use is a list block to show the options - which opens a modal to show details, but that is kind of a compromise to the user experience).

Hey @thijs,

I will add your request surely, but if you need is sooner I would advise embedding a 3rd party table with the mentioned functionality.

Thanks for the screenshot, it shows perfectly what you need :slight_smile:

Hi There-- any update on this as I need this function.

I have a workaround for one specific use case when using tables, maybe it can work for you:


Perhaps a simpler alternative than I asked perviously (on 30 Sep) →

Can Softr work on a grouping functionality for table views (and list views) like this?
And mean while, is there a custom code available to make this happen?

  • 1st screen shot: current view
  • 2nd screen shot: a “photoshopped” version of what I’m looking for

Just to add some additional context to this thread for our R&D friends at Softr, one of the things I’m running into internally is the hesitation of folks moving from a dedicated project management platform like to our Softr app because the tables aren’t interactive and there is no grouping option.

The ease of updating a project’s details by simply clicking on a cell and interacting with that cell live versus needing to click on a dedicated action button per line, which opens a new window/modal seems trivial but it’s proving to not be as efficient and user friendly in our day-to-day operations.

Then additionally, the option to group by a particular field would allow us to use a single table block vs. using multiple table blocks with conditional filters to try and hack it to work.

Lastly, bulk actions are common with these other platforms when dealing with tables or grid views. For example, check a checkbox on multiple rows and then click a single action button at the top of the table. An example of this is in a support ticket queue, you can check off multiple rows and then click “Resolve” at the top.

I did see on the public roadmap there is a “Table Redesign” slated for “Next” so hopefully these things are all being taken into consideration.