List filtering with URL (multiple params)

I’m aware of List Filtering with URL, List filtering with URL - Softr Docs it’s a very handy filtr

I’d need Multiple parameters, i.e.

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Seems it’s working by default even if not mentioned in the docs. :clap:

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Related question : is it possible to add Multiple Select in the URL ?

I.e. :


I checked that ?filter-by-Position=Engineer&filter-by-Position=Sales did not work

Hey @erwanp,

This is not possible, however it is a feature request.

I will add it to our list :slight_smile:

I suspect that the approach used here to pre-fill the search input field could also be used to pre-select multiple inline filter keywords.

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Has this feature been released?

Hey @StevenS,

It’s with regret that I should mentioned that this feature has not been released yet.

I will make sure to check this with product team on Monday and will give an update.