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Hi everyone from Sydney :slight_smile:
Hopefully, someone can help me with this:
I am building a network of consultants.

Once they sign up and complete their profile, I would Iike their profile to include a URL button containing the link to their own profile, so that they can view it and share it.
This URL should also be sent to an Airtable field.

How can I achieve this? (hopefully, I was clear enough…)
Thank you!

Hey @Mygrate , Welcome !

Here is what you could do:

  1. Make a new page to list the user profile, add a list-details block to list the user information that you wish to make public. Lets call that page ‘profile’.
  2. Add a formula field on your airtable users table, and name it something like ‘public profile url’
  3. Add the following formula to the previous field '' & RECORD_ID()
  4. Go to your default user profile page (the one that uses the profile block) and add a new field to show the newly created ‘public profile url’ field.

I hope this helps you.

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Thanks mate I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

So I managed to create the formula and generate the profile url. But I can find anywhere to add it to.
The buttons in the menu only allows me to add pages, sections or external links, but not specific elements.
Any advice?