Display each List Details item as a page on its own

Hello everyone,

I am working on an inventory management topic and would eventually like to stick a QR Code on some of my equipments.
The QR Code would lead to a webpage containing security instructions and contact information for each equipment. Obviously, each QR Code would be individual and lead to different information depending on the equipment.

I have all the information I need setup in Airtable, but I am wondering how to actually create the page URL. I have done the method described here, but if I understand correctly in order for this to work I have to manually create the List Details page for each of my items.

This is not sustainable for me, as I have too many equipments to register. Is there a method to create a URL for each individual List Details records ?

Hi @Clement, as far as I understand from the shared post, you will need to configure it in your Airtable (once for all the records) and then, you can use the Airtable column for all your users.