Just Launched: Conditional Forms in Softr πŸš€

The wait is over :partying_face: Create multi-step forms with conditional logic and dynamic sections now!

Check out all the details and how you can start using this powerful tool in our latest blog post.



Conditional forms are really good! Already have a nice use case.

An additional option for: conditional form visibility , would be great (i.e. Show/hide depending on a record’s field value etc)

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Here is another one:

I am strugling to place a checkbox field right in front of the actual instruction:

:ballot_box_with_check: I accept the terms and conditions.

The way it is designed is like this:

I accept the terms and conditions

Which looks like a disconnection betwen the line and the checkbox

Custom code is not helping at this time to correct this behaviour, but I will continue exploring

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Just noticed that when a conditional form is submitted in a modal with the action set to open a page, it opens it inside of the modal, instead of closing it out and opening it (like a parent page). I’m not sure if this aligns with previous modal behavior. Was this intentional for the new conditional forms?

Conditional Forms need more action submission logic so they behave like other blocks in modals. Can’t use them in modals, unless you want them to open a new page after submission in the modal they were in.

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This happens in modals (at least on Android mobile):

Some sections are skewed right

Screenshot 2024-05-14 5.25.31 PM

Not sure why drop down options appear at bottom of screen instead of from drop down field. Options should descend directly from drop down field, otherwise appears wonky for users.

Done troubleshooting for now :wink:

Thanks! sending to our team for review now!