Is it possible to limit the file size of an uploaded file?

I have users uploading massive images on some of my forms. How can I limit the size of the file upload?

Hi Nick,

If you are willing to use Make, here is a ressource of interest: Guide: Create a file size and a file type limitation for file uploads

I use Airtable. Can’t switch just for this reason. But even if I used Make, would the file-size limit display on the Softr front-end for the user?

Using Airtable is not a problem, Make ( - or but way more expensive) is an automation tool, used by most of the Softr users (or Zapier). It’s not a datasource

Everything is explained in the guide, a message can be displayed if the file size is too heavy.

This is a good feature for us when we add validation rules to forms

CC @jamesdavie


Artur… is there on the roadmap form field validation??? That would be so sick, could you also add to the validation rules an API call?

@Workflowheroes_Marc yes definitely, we will update the roadmap soon