Insert a link into a text field label?

Is it possible to insert a link into a text field label?

I need to provide some explanation for what the value in some of my fields field really means. The explanation is more complex than can be comfortably written in the field label itself. Ideally, a tooltip would be desirable, but just a link to launch a URL in a new tab would work well enough.

Can this be achieved?

Tooltip would be the best, here is how you do it: Add Popover to list block button - #13 by matthieu_chateau

The difficulty is to find the right element (thanks to the browser inspector). If you have trouble doing it, just reply with a public page where the label(s) is and I will do it for you.

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Matthieu is on it with a proper tooltip, but in case you simply want to insert a link, add this in the text field:

<a href="https://...">See More</a>

Is it possible to insert link and have it open in a new tab or page?
The current code you provided only redirects and doesn’t open in a new tab.

Thank you!


<a href="https://..." target="_blank">See More</a>

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