Inconsistency in HTML support in labels and fields and in Link visual style

Hello Softrs,

I am raising an inconsistency in the design of the new Item Details block and would like to suggest bringing the functionality into parity with other Details and List views.

Three key things are:

  1. Item Details fields do not render HTML unless they are “Rich Text” type (I posted this earlier as I was trying to put consistent HTML in all my field titles site-wide)
  2. Item Details labels do not support HTML at all
  3. Item Details links in Rich Text fields which do support HTML are styled differently than that in the rest of the UI

While number 3 can likely be solved with some simple CSS, the issue is that if I want to globally change the style, now I have to do address multiple css selectors, rather than one.

Numbers 1 and 2 make the design more restrictive and change design and development approaches when trying to use a newer presentation model.

Thanks for listening!

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