Custom HTML in title blocks writing code to page

Can Support or anyone provide color to the Item Details copy not supporting HTML?

Goal: use a formula to generate some dynamic data going into my headlines.

eg Feature Name 5 Logs 2 Reminders
where there are two spans and the second is positioned on the right of the title and is a link.

Problem: Works fine in some list and list details views, but not others.

Good UI:
List with columnar sliding cards
List with horizontal cards
List details page with 3 column view

Bad UI:
Item details

Is this a known issue with Item Details copy? or is there another way, such as putting the html in a CDATA block?

See the Magenta block:



Hi @JimGo !

Thanks for your message here. Unfortunately I don’t have anything helpful to add at the moment. I’ve forwarded this message though to our PM who leads this effort, and even though he’s on vacation now, I’ll follow up if I find anything helpful for you in the meantime.

In the meantime, one of our engineers thinks this could be possible as a new feature request, so I’ll submit that on your behalf.

Thanks for looking into it.

Should inline HTML be avoided in all fields for that Item Details dynamic block?

I am sure this impacts more folks than just me :slight_smile:

FYI: Tried wrapping in CDATA but that also displayed the HTML