HubSpot as a data source (beta)

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a new data source - HubSpot!

Softr enables small to mid-sized business owners, agencies, and leaders to take their operations to the next level, beyond marketing and sales processes foundations. Now, you can:

  • Let external users access your CRM with ease
  • Personalize the portal lifecycle experience
  • Build advanced capture forms
  • Connect HubSpot with internal workflows and data sources
  • Simplify and customize the user interface for your field salespeople and in-office teams

HubSpot (beta) is available on all plans (subject to change upon full release).

Read more about the launch in this week’s blog post.

What’s in beta:

  • connecting with HubSpot via OAuth
  • supported HubSpot objects: Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets, Tasks, Notes
  • support for HubSpot object’s custom properties
  • read & write actions (create, read, update, one-click update, delete)
  • supported dynamic blocks: list, list details, table, forms, and summary cards
  • eSignature field
  • auto-sync options for inline filters

Next iterations:

  • user sync (including user filtering)
  • support for other dynamic blocks

Try HubSpot as a data source, and share your feedback or questions in the comments.

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Learning HubSpot

February 20th at 5pm CET / 11am EDT / 8am PST

Also happy to invite you to engaging webinar where we showcase the powerful integration of HubSpot CRM and Softr. Discover how to build custom portals, interactive forms, and custom interfaces on top of your CRM data.



Update → Kanban block is now supported :tada:

PS. Can be used not just for sales pipelines :slight_smile:

How’s your experience with HubSpot so far? Anything’s missing, or not working as expected? Feel free to share your use cases :raised_hands: