๐Ÿ†• Apply for Early Access to the new Hubspot Data Source (completed)

Weโ€™re rolling out an Early Access Program for a brand new data source, :fire:Hubspot!:fire:

:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE!:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

Qualified applicants can expect:
:wave: A 20-minute call with our product team
:eyes: A live demo session
:firecracker: Early beta access

If youโ€™re keen to get a sneak peek and help us refine the feature, apply here: https://hubspot.softr.app

:speaking_head: Feel like going deeper into data sources?
Introducing the new Data Source category


Cool to see a new data source is on the way!

Looking forward to hearing about more integrations.

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Sounds interesting. It is HubDB that is being used?

@Pobbe first classic entities like contacts, deals, etc.

This is fantastic news and an incredibly valuable feature! Currently, Iโ€™m working on a solution that looks like this: HubSpot :arrows_counterclockwise: Airtable :arrows_counterclockwise: Softr. Having direct integration with HubSpot would be amazing and save us an extra step. However, there are some details to consider, such as the inability to add images to deal records in HubSpot that would then sync automatically with Softr. Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™ve been thinking of syncing HubSpot data with Airtable and adding images for deal records in an additional field within Airtable. In my case, Iโ€™m dealing with real estate records, where having a header or a cover image for each deal makes a lot of sense.

Overall, this is a game-changer announcement as it opens up the possibility of creating a customized front end for HubSpot. :+1::+1:

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HubSpot as a data source (beta) is now live :tada:. Read more here.

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