How to Add Item To favorites Page(Please no code)


is there anyway for me to add a item to a user’s favorites without writing code? I don’t have time right now to learn code. So “a bit of HTML” is out of the question.

Hey @DontSaiyanMyName,

Do I get correct that you wish your users to be able to save the items they like to their favourites?

Yes. Basically passing data through.

Please, check this video, it’s a workaround on how to setup action buttons.

You will find the needed info here.

Hey Suzie, I have followed that tutorial, but there are gaps in knowledge in the tutorial on how to delete the favorite if no longer wanted by the user. Please help


Thanks. I did the video but I’m having an issue with the iFrames as he doesn’t go into detail about. I have no idea how to put it in my table

Can someone tell me how to copy URL text into the Formula column because the guy in the video doesn’t show how. I keep getting this error: “Sorry, there was a problem creating this field. Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.”

This is what I’m using

try this
‘<iframe class=“airtable-embed” src="’&{the url field}&‘" frameborder=“0” onmousewheel=“” width=“100%” height=“80” scrolling=“no”; style=“background:transparent;border:0px solid #ccc;”>’

Does this solve your problem?

I think he shows it in this video
How To Build A Booking Portal with
Around 21:27 (I think)
But it required custom coding.

Here is how you delete a record in Softr: How to delete a record with a button, using Make

Here is an other thread about favouriting: Action button - Formulating the url of a resource to embed code - #11 by matthieu_chateau

An other solution is to use the edit option (in a list details block for the item to be added to favourites/removed from favourites) + edit permissions. This would be linked to a single select field in your airtable. The user would be able to open the edit modal to change the value of this single select field, for a specific record. The two options would be “Add the item to favourites” / “remove the item from favourites”.

The favorites page would display a list block with two conditional filters: only the favorite items + items that only belongs to the logged in user.

The not favorites page: only the items with a blank value (not set as favorite or not favorite) or items removed from favorites.

This way you won’t have anything to do with formulas (there is not really code to be used). Though this is not really good user experience. But that’s your call, maybe it’s good enough for your use case.

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Thank you!! I will check it out!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Matt. Seems like Make is forcing me to identify a record ID for Airtable. I really would like to give Softr a chance as I like the layout over Glide as it is very clean. However, it seems like I need to take a few extra steps just to get the basic functions such as an action button which I believed should of already been ready by now. If I’m having this much trouble trying to create a button than I can imagine the pain of calculating distances. I’m just going to have to go back to Flutterlfow as Softr isn’t ready for advanced applications. I know that it can with a some JavaScript but the purpose of a no-code platform is to build apps without any code.

I am going to still use Softr for my landing as the Blocks are awesome.

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