How scalable is Softr?

Is softr more of a solution for an MVP or can it scale with a company as the data size grows? Really trying to understand if there are performance issues with scale or not

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Hey @alexverstappen,

Softr is very scalable for various Businesses and projects, if you would provide more details about the use case I will provide more in depth description.

Hi Suzie, do you have an email address or phone number you can be reached at? I am having a few issues that make me hesitant on scalability because of issues and bugs I am facing and am unable to resolve with support or documentation. Thanks!

Softr itself should be relatively scalable as they’re using AWS for the backend, and all Softr is really doing is rendering data that you have stored elsewhere. However, Airtable is not scalable at all. Airtable’s recent reliability issues aside, we’re already running into very real limitations regarding the number of records available in Airtable. Until Softr implements support for better data sources, I view it as a solution for an MVP, but not a long term solution.

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Hey @mscroggin,

Did you try to contact the Support Chat?

Hi Suzie, yes I did. We need to schedule a call with support or have a dedicated rep to go through our use case, which is a bit more complex.

I can tell you there will be more native data sources to avoid airtable record limits and scale our apps.
I know every user has its preferences when it comes to the next softr move for data sources, in my case I m expecting rest API as data source.

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Regarding the scalability of Softr I’m not 100% sure, but my sense is that you’d want a properly engineered product and backend for large scale applications. But the scalability of the underlying data sources (e.g. Airtable, Google Sheets, etc.) is definitely limited (likely more so than Softr itself).
Related records inherently happens and is a necessity as your data grows. Needing a database like Postgres, MongoDB, or Snowflake can handle these.

If Airtable or Google Sheets is what’s limiting you then here’s what you could do (based on other forum questions and some practices in the company I’m at) I’d recommend using an ETL service like
Airbyte ( to get your data into a true database. If you want to keep using Airtable or Google Sheets but have that data in a more scalable system, you could use Bracket ( to send the data to a database but keep using Airtable / Google Sheets as a UI for your database.
You could try using Zapier, Integromat, or Make as well but it may also run into scalability issues for this kind of use case.

Hey @mscroggin,

Sorry I missed your reply.

If you could share detailed information on what you are trying to build, our Softr Support agents will go with you step by step and will help you to complete your setup.

Unfortunately, for now we do not provide call support, but online chat should be helpful. :blush:


Agree with @zwolletrust; typically, scalability issues are due to databases in most applications. We are planning to integrate with classical RDBMS solutions like MySQL, and Postgres soon so you can use custom queries and tables and avoid usual airtable and googlesheet limitations.

@artur and @zwolletrust, is there a solution or workaround that’s possible on softr now? I’m using Airtable and have some exciting client projects in the works but want to make sure I’m building something thay can actually scale. I don’t want to end up hitting a hard record limit or slow my site to a crawl if I start getting into 10,000s of records (which I understand can happen with Airtable). Like OP, I’d be very interested in speaking with someone from Softr directly if possible. Thanks!