Hide empty list item field

when creating a list details page it may happen that for some records some items is empty because that parameter is not populated for that record.
Is there any ways to hide a list item field content in case it is empty?
Otherwise the user will see lots of empty fields and this is not so nice.

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Hi @Programmer89 perhaps this will help Getting rid of the hyphen "-" for blank display field - #3 by Maria

Thank you so much! It works perfectly

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Hi @Maria, as I mentioned your suggestion works perfectly, but when an item is hidden the space on the UI is not fulfilled by the following item, but the space remains empty and from a visual perspective side is not very nice.
Do you have a good workaround also for this?
Thanks a lot


please does anyone have some inputs for this problem? As you can see in the attached image, hiding empty fields will keep their space empty (circles in red in the image) with a very bad user experience.



Hello @Programmer89, could you please replace the previous code with the following one and replace the BLOCKID with your actual block name

window.addEventListener('block-loaded-BLOCKID', () => {
    window.addEventListener('get-record-BLOCKID', () => {
        [...document.querySelectorAll('#BLOCKID .label-wrapper')].forEach((item) => {
            setTimeout(()=> {
            }, 100)

Is it planned to include this in the lists update? :slight_smile:

There is so much room for error when I include all this code everywhere.