Hey! Khawar here... founder @ somos πŸš€- a social enterprise language learning platform!

hey everyone :wave:t4: i’m khawar & i head up somos - a language learning platform where teachers lead live, cohort based conversation courses designed to:

:star: help language teachers earn & live well
:star: provide access to affordable language education
:star: support language rights for all people.

somos is a social enterprise building a global community of teachers, learners & grassroots activists sharing, protecting & celebrating languages.

we have a unique co-ownership model that allocates equity ownership for our team, teachers & grassroots community organisations.

1% of gross merchandising value that flows through somos goes to our impact fund which proudly supports:

:star: refugees & migrants in diaspora
:star: the protection & promotion of language rights
:star: mental health & wellbeing
:star: broader access to digital services for systematically excluded cultures & groups

really enjoying building the marketplace side of somos on softr! would love to connect with other members of the softr community working on social impact and/or education projects!

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Hi Khawar! :wave: Great to have you in the community and building in Softr!

I am personally a huge fan of the social-enterprise model and have been doing my own research on the side looking deeper into how this works and what companies are doing it well. So great to add another one to my list! I also recently moved to Spain and need to improve my Spanish, so this looks like a great resource.

For community members involved in social impact, I can direct you to @TomKrumins @Gabrielle @Mateusz-ClimateHub Mateusz-ClimateHub @Tim_ClimatEU I know there are others, but they are slipping my mind at the moment!

Either way, welcome! :hugs:

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Thanks for the warm welcome @Lizzie_LaCour!

That’s great re Spain! Wherabouts are you based? I’m living in Xabia at the moment but moving to VlorΓ«, Albania towards the end of next month.

Our first couple of courses will be launching in March and Spanish will likely be amongst them - will you posted!

@Mateusz-ClimateHub, @TomKrumins @Tim_ClimatEU @Gabrielle - great to be introduced! Gabrielle - a special thank you! Austin pointed me towards your guide re stripe connect + make. Our language teachers/course creators are all independent sellers so it was super helpful!