Header Link Visibility Parameters

The flexibility of users groups is fantastic, but we need to be able to assign header menu link visibility, same as action button visibility parameters.

Specific to my use case, I’m building a nonprofit website and internal/external portal for volunteers to manage projects and donors to manage their giving. People can belong to many different volunteer teams while also being a donor etc. so there is a lot of overlap between user groups. An individual might belong to 3 or 4 different user groups depending on their involvement with the organization. We’ve worked out a multitude of airtable formulae to “calculate” which user groups each person belongs in based on their team assignments in our CRM (also built on Softr), but we have no way of changing their menu link visibility based on their assigned user groups. Originally, we planned to create a different menu header for each user group, until we realized that an individual sees a different menu for every user group they meet criteria for. Showing a user 5 different header menus is not a reasonable solution, so our only alternative at the moment is having one “master” menu and users get directed to the 401 page if they clink a link to a page that their permissions don’t grant access to. Its not a very clean user experience so I’m hesitant to roll this out to donors. For now, we are limited to only allowing internal volunteers to access the platform until we can clean up the user experience for external users. Simply being able to assign user group visibility parameter to individual links on a master menu would 1) solve this problem 2) be a very powerful addition overall for Softr. With such capabilities already existing for action buttons, I do hope this would be a “easy” addition to Softr.

@artur curious if anything that could help solve this would be in the works. Thanks!

Hi @RyanRad this is something we are discussing internally but it’s also not a quick change. I think we will go in this direction however I don’t yet have a clear timeline to share.

An alternative to this would be that you use a very generic header and via custom code and user group to link mapping hide or show in UI. It involves a bit of coding though.

@artur That’s satisfactory for me! We can work with 401 pages until link visibility is available. It’s very appreciated to know that it’s on the team’s radar!

I may embark on trying to sort it out with custom code down the line if we get desperate. I’ve just started learning HTML/CSS/JS (I’m a nonprofit hobbiest not a professional no-coder) so that I can really stretch the capabilities of our app. I’m picking it up rather quickly. Is there a resource or way to get a clear picture of what you can and cannot do with custom coding in Softr since we can only add code within the header and body tags, we can’t actually edit existing code?

For example, the other day I wanted to use some basic CSS to edit the background of a simple static feature block so I wrote a simple line of CSS for the block ID and a background: linear-gradient etc. etc. it was all working as expected in Visual Studio but when I dropped it in the page header it wasn’t working, so I assume there is something in the native code with higher specificity? I tried adding a !important with no luck. I’ve run into similar situations a few times, where my learning and implementing of customs code works generically but not within the constructs of Softr. Something or someone that can help me understand the architecture of Softr code and how custom code can and cannot be used would be very useful.

@artur i’d even be interested in attending a paid seminar that goes over all the structural capabilities and limitations of implementing custom code. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: