Having an issues with the sign up and sign in process

HI Community

Got issues with the sign up and sign in

When they sign up I redirected them to a certain page to complete a form . However if they sign in again who already completed the sign up process they still redirected to the same sign up form page

What do you think the solution for it

Hi @Miko, when configuring redirection through Page Rules, keep in mind that the designated page will be applied to both the Sign-Up and Sign-In. If you wish to differentiate them, my suggestion is to set the page after Sign-Up/Sign-In to ‘None’ in Page Rules. Then, individually specify the corresponding pages that should open on each block


What if I have two group in sign up (freelancer, Client) and on the sign in how do I redirected them on their respective group. Thanks

that is my sign up two option how about the sign in . thanks

I wanted to mentioned that actually. In case of user groups I am afraid you will need to have different sign up and sign in blocks with corresponding user group visibility on each however, good news is we are going to separate them on Page Rules as well soon. There is a task open for that

Do you have any ETA on that feature ? So which mean the drop down on sign up process is useless for now

Within about upcoming 2 weeks should be ready If everything goes as planned

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Thank you so I guess I set up two sign up and sign in for now. Thanks

Question how would you determine in Airtable the two different group when they sign up or sign in ? because as of now on my on sign up i have dropdown which I configure in airtable users which is which ?

You need to have a single select, multi select, linked record lookup field with certain options and then connect it to dropdown field on your Sign up block and then when they sign up they will choose whichever group they belong to and then your user group will be created accordingly(e.g. they choose an option "HR’ from a field called “Role”, then you need to create a user group with a condition “Logged in user’s Role is HR”) and be set as a visibility on the page or block

I already set up a user type on sign up with drop down. the only issues how will my onboarding process work on that two group

What’s the challenging part?

Onboarding process I need them to go to a certain page for step by step process

Set redirections on each block to open the following page and If needed on each page also set visibility

Let say client sign up and a freelancer also sign up how they will go to their own pages for on-board process since you only have one option in your page direction vice verse on sign in

Well yes, you can set page after sign up/sign in for each user group separately from Page Rules but since currently sign in and sign up are not separated you can’t really set different redirections for each in this case. Hopefully we will separate them soon

Any solutions ?

I need very similar functionality. Right now I can’t set “Page after Sign-up” in Page rules to NONE at all… No such option in the list. And I can’t set it per Sign-up block individually too. Who could help with this mess ?

I don’t see the “on sign in” section in the block.
Same for the sign up block.

Hi @Alexis unfortunately there is no longer such option to set “None”. You need to choose any page to redirect users to after Sign in and Sign up

Hi @Mygrate The redirection can be set not on the block. You need to set it from Page Rules