Form dropdown options from Airtable

Is it possible to setup a form in softr and have the dropdown/multi-select options fields pull data from a table in airtable, like a standard airtable form.

If not, is this planned to be implemented in the future?


There is a dropdown/multi-select form field option. However, in the softr studio you have to define those options that correspond with what’s in the mapped Airtable. You basicly have to type them in separated by semi-colons as options for the form user to select. They don’t populate with what’s in your airtable field yet, but I think I heard that they may in the future.


Hey Softr team, any updates here?

Dear all,

Currently this feature is not available, but we plan to have this option in the near future :slight_smile:

I will post once the option is finally available.


That would be amazing! Looking forward to updates on this

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Dear @HarwellXPS,

You are always welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @Suzie do you know if this is coming soon? Or has anyone heard of custom code available for it? Thanks!

Hi, if your airtable field type is single select or multiple select, the softr inline filter automatically pulled up the data.

According to Roadmap - Softr they have a “Forms 2.0” In Progress. That’s better than planned so that’s good. Wonder if that will include this feature. Unfortunately there’s no date or details other than this:


This feature will come with the Form 2.0 update, it is already planned :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have more questions.

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Hello Team,

I thought I’d have actually found a way unfortunately not :/… from my table view all my ids aren’t display got like 2000+ different.
Thus I can’t use this way, assuming I need to select any id at any moment.

See photo attached.

If you got less its not a form but you can do it using this method.

Hi Suzie, I am looking forward to this option. The data that will be pulled from Airtable to the Options of a multiselect form, will these data be able to be conditionally selected?
Thank you.

Also looking for this bidirectional sync. Would be great to see.

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Hey @Amaury,

The implementation is on progress, the option should be released by at the beginning of Q1 if everything goes as planned :slight_smile: :star_struck:

Looking forward to this!! It’s so manual, time consuming, and not to mention error prone now.


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It’s on the way @ayman :crossed_fingers:

I’ll be sure to reach out once the option is finally live :star_struck:

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Any update here? Also is it possible to modify this using custom javascript?

I did notice that I was able to isolate what looks like a block definition json object:

However, it doesn’t seem that modifying that json affects the form.

Hi Kalen,

I tried, with relative success, to dynamically populate a combo by pulling data directly from Airtable using Withserve as API, htmx to consume the data and its client-side-template extension to inject the options into the combo.

In short: a “frankestein hack”, that in the long run brings more problems than benefits (although that “tech stack” can be used to do some interesting things with Softr).

I consider that it is an essential functionality for certain scenarios, at the moment I chose to create a form in Airtable and embed it in a custom block.

With the Airtable form you can not only list dynamically the values in a select (combo), but also making the values of a select dependent on another select.

It is not the ideal solution but it works in some scenarios, at least as long as the functionality is not available natively in Softr.

This sounds like an effective, however franken’solution, as you say.
Question: is there a way to limit the visibility of the embedded airtable form to only display user-specific options? My use case is allowing a user to add/edit their own filters through which they see/sort data, so I’m critically needing the Forms2.0 update to allow populating inline filters directly from airtable in realtime.
Also, I def’ don’t have your dev’ knowledge (had to look up Withserve, htmx, etc…

Thx in advance!


Hi there!

Is there any updates here?

I need to create a “Plan” and apart from Name an description, I need to select which products are included in the plan, showing options from the Products table in the AIrtable DB.