Form dropdown options from Airtable

+1 for this update. In the meantime I’m trying to build a portal for clients to upload files. However in early testing we are experiening entry errors with clients names which then causes issues on the backend with Airtable. Does anyone have advice on best practices for keeping clients and their assets tied together?

Hey folks and @Dustin the data pull is already supported please give it a try. @Dustin what’s the error you get ?

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Hi Artur! Thanks for the response. All I’m getting is “no options in the data source” after I enable the sync option. Is it possibly because the field I’m hoping to reference is a linked record? There’s a chance I’m doing this all wrong so I’ll leave a little more context below…

My set-up has two tables. One is for clients and the other for their submitted cases. I’m not even sure the way I’m going about this is ideal which is why I asked for any best practice advice but my Softr set up to this point looks something like this:

Client List
Client List Detail
Case List
Case List Details

Currently the client can only see their submitted cases by use of “email” matching “logged in user’s email” (beautiful!) however the way I’m allowing case submissions is with a form that asks various questions including name and email.

On the airtable backend, in my case table, I have the “Client Name” field set as a linked record to my Client Table. However when a client submits a case with the slightest difference in name, it creates a new client record and doesn’t associate the submitted case with the actual Client.

This is what got me thinking about using a dropdown menu. However as I think about it more, there is probably a better way to do this entirely. Since the client is only supposed to see their info (not other client names) I suppose a drop down with their client name would be redundant. Should I simply have the case submission form ask for their email as their identifing characteristic? Or is there a way to auto populate the forms by using linked record and lookup fields?

Hi @ohtejera,
I have done the steps but I don’t know how to inject it inside the popup
as whenever I click edit button it opens popup with real time values not the one that I am trying to enject

Is there any updates on this? Im wishing it releases today :smiling_face_with_tear:! I really, really need this for a project

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I also need this feature for fetching data in dropdown for multi-select or single select from my Airtable. As of now, for linked record, I could not sync dropdown options in Softr. It will be helpful if there is an update for this.