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Hi all,

I’m experimenting with other forms (jot form, google forms etc) for my site, as I am not 100% happy with how the Softr forms look and feel. However, one of the strong features of the native Softr form is the ability to pass on the logged-in user email address to airtable in a hidden field (so the user cannot edit it). Therefore, the creators email address is stored with the form response.

Anyone know of any other forms where this is also possible? Or will I only need to use the Softr form? This feature is essential for my use case.


Hi @JoshR. You can check out this thread for Jotform and this one for Airtable form

Hi Josh,
If you want to make prefill specific to each user and integrate as many parameters as necessary with Jotform:

  1. Add a hidden field in Jotform to collect the record_id (or anything else)
  2. Export the form code to iframe
  3. Create a formula in your AirTable user table, paste the iframe code (replace all " by ") then make a prefill in the URL of the form (ex: src="“&RECORD_ID()&”\"), if you want to prefill other parameters just add &…=
  4. display the form in Softr from a block list or details and then put a condition record_id = user record_id

I’m really happy with I’m using some fairly complex forms and it works well. Have about 1000 submissions across 9 forms that my app uses from the last 45 days it has been live.

1 Like is an exceptional platform for creating conditional forms with unparalleled simplicity and the ability to handle complex requirements effortlessly.

You can effortlessly design forms that incorporate hidden fields and calculated values, enabling you to build sophisticated workflows. Moreover, is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the utmost security and privacy for your data. I recommend to anyone seeking a powerful yet user-friendly solution for creating conditional forms.

Hi :wave:

I tested many forms builder and the best one is Fillout :point_right: Fillout | Powerful forms and surveys

I am using it with my students and clients and it has all the form features you would have liked in Airtable and Softr, with the look & feel of Airtable.

The free plan is generous and more than enough, and the paid plan is affordable and powerful when you do professional work.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions. Charles