How to pass logged-in user data to Jotform?

Hi, I am looking to prefill the record id of the user or his email address in a Jotform embed form. How to do it ? Thanks

Hey Nicolas,

Please, check the following thread.

Here is a jotform specific example:

    let jotformUrl = '';

    if(window['logged_in_user'] && window['logged_in_user']['softr_user_email']) {
        jotformUrl = jotformUrl + '?email=' + window['logged_in_user']['softr_user_email'];
        jotformUrl = jotformUrl + '&name=' + window['logged_in_user']['softr_user_full_name'];

    document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="' + jotformUrl + '"></' + 'script>');

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Hi, similarly is there a way to pass in the list details selected record and not just the logged-in user ?
Secondly, can i pass on a get/put request as well via the custom code block?