Data logging in airtable

I have created an app in Softr with several pages and each of them contains a form with a single question, I want the data of each page to be recorded in the record of the user registered at the beginning. How do I link the data of each page of the app in the single airtable record?

If I’ve understood your query correctly, take a look at Hidden Fields (and URL parameters)

Good evening, thank you for responding, I have tried to do it with hidden fields but it doesn’t work for me. I have several forms on different pages and I want their information to go to a single record in the Applicants table in Airtable, what I find is that the information from these forms is added to different records in the Applicants table and not just one . I am attaching the link to the app to see if you can review it.

Form entires will always create new records in Airtable. I think the solution for you will be in creating linked records between users and form submissions.

This thread may also help you.

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