Can I send form responses from different forms to the same record in Airtable?

I am trying to send responses from 3 separate forms to the same record in airtable with no success, can someone confirm if this is possible? TIA!

Forms would be creating new airtable records. You could create 3 records in 3 different tables and then use automation to link them ?

@brian_seek Not sure about your setup, but could you use update record action buttons to do this instead of forms?

I assume that the reason for the three separate forms is that three separate user groups are responsible for contributing different pieces of information. If that is the case, I would likely approach it in one of two ways depending on whether the form submissions always happen in a particular sequence or not:

First way: as Artur suggested, you could create three separate tables that are linked to each other (either through hidden fields in the softr form or airtable automation) and then rollup the responses into one table in Airtable. This way allows for any one of the three forms to be submitted first if that is a requirement but would be a bit more complicated to setup and maintain.

Second way: You could have one person submit a form in softr to create the initial record with the information they are responsible for and then have the other two “forms” live as update record action buttons where those users have access to update the fields they are responsible for. This way is simpler but would require one form to always be the first one submitted.

Hi @Derek, I am also trying to do accomplish the same thing currently and your second point makes sense - but how would I do this if the other 2 pages are also form responses? I am creating a real estate listing platform and have separated the form into 3 pages but it seems to create a new record on each form submit. The reason I have 3 separate forms is because otherwise the one form will be huge and probably quiet daunting for the user.

@AJHarris01, Form blocks in Softr will always create new records on submit. The way to update existing records is to use the Action Buttons. When you set an action button to update the record, you end up setting up a new form for it, but then it is associated with updating the record instead of creating a new record. I think Softr is working on multistep forms that might simplify this for your use case, but not sure when that would be available. As a workaround for the short term you could setup a sequence of buttons potentially. I haven’t done anything exactly like this, but I think I would approach this as follows:

  1. The first page would be a form block with the initial data input
  2. On submit this would take the user to a record detail page for the new record just created that has a button that says “submit part 2” (this is an action button set to update record type).
  3. After submitting that button, the user would see another action button that says “submit part 3” (you could control the button visibility based on whether a required field for part 2 and part 3 are empty)

Depending on your use case, you might be able to make this a bit more seamless for the end user. For example, if the data can be grouped by sections that can be input in any order, then after the initial form input that directs to the record details page, you could just have buttons on that page to update the different sections of the listing (e.g., “Edit Property Details”, “Edit pricing details”, etc.)

@Derek, Thanks for your response! that makes sense… I had not thought to use a detail page with previous inputs. Ill give it a try, thanks!