Can I send form responses from different forms to the same record in Airtable?

I am trying to send responses from 3 separate forms to the same record in airtable with no success, can someone confirm if this is possible? TIA!

Forms would be creating new airtable records. You could create 3 records in 3 different tables and then use automation to link them ?

@brian_seek Not sure about your setup, but could you use update record action buttons to do this instead of forms?

I assume that the reason for the three separate forms is that three separate user groups are responsible for contributing different pieces of information. If that is the case, I would likely approach it in one of two ways depending on whether the form submissions always happen in a particular sequence or not:

First way: as Artur suggested, you could create three separate tables that are linked to each other (either through hidden fields in the softr form or airtable automation) and then rollup the responses into one table in Airtable. This way allows for any one of the three forms to be submitted first if that is a requirement but would be a bit more complicated to setup and maintain.

Second way: You could have one person submit a form in softr to create the initial record with the information they are responsible for and then have the other two “forms” live as update record action buttons where those users have access to update the fields they are responsible for. This way is simpler but would require one form to always be the first one submitted.