Customize emails + New preview mode + Data update on Charts

Hey Softr Community!

I am excited to share the new updates with you :raised_hands:

Customize emails

We’ve made it easy for you to personalize the transactional emails sent to your app users.
You can now change the subject line, the body of the email and leverage the power of variables to create custom emails relevant to your users.

An easier way to preview your app as different users

Our new “Preview mode” feature makes it easy to test your app’s usability from different user perspectives, including specific visibility and action permissions. This can help you test new changes and get feedback from collaborators before you publish.

Data freshness on charts

Charts now display information about the time of the last refresh. For preview and live modes, data refreshes every 15 minutes. For edit mode, sampled data refreshes near real-time.

P.S. App builders can manually refresh the data in the preview mode to conveniently test their apps.

Happy building!

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Great to see customized emails :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Could we extend this functionality to the ‘Resend Invite’ action - I abandoned the original invite to reset an app setting (display of Softr icon) - but now the only option is to ‘Resend Invite’ which does not allow customisation?

Hey @swshrey. The ‘Resend Invite’ email will actually be the exact same email as the original invite email.

Do you need these emails to be different?


The preview button is not showing me to select specific conditions/user.
In fact, it’s not working at all. When I click it it gives a little animation but doesn’t do anything.

It’s actually working, you need to click the preview button. It will open a new page (a preview page) and then, in this preview page => see screenshot.

Do you have inside your browser settings something that impeaches to open new tabs?

Also here is the url to preview so you can test it =

PS: You will have a way faster answer by using the customer service direct chat inside the Softr studio if it’s a technical issue.

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Hey James, mny tks for reply. I think in an ideal world it would be good to be able to change a second invite content. I think the issue was that I abandoned the original customisation process, assuming I could get back to it. I’ll use the feature a bit more to get a better feel for it, and see if I’m missing something (which I may well be!).

This is a question that perhaps goes beyond the topic, but just in case:
I wonder how to send notification from my custom domain. I already assign one to my Softr app but don’t see any options to send those notifications from, for instance.

Thanks for your feedback!

Charts seem to take forever to load the data. Is there anything I can do to optimize?