Charts have been revamped 📊

Hello Diana, I see you’re discussing this one with the support team already. Aramayis just suggested a temporary workaround for it, and I’m following up with the engineering team to understand what happened here. I’ll keep you posted.

Awesome, I was hoping it wasn’t the permanent :slight_smile: just wanted to be sure… thank you!

@danyalamriben oops this fell through the cracks. Just following up to see if the issue still persist? I believe counting values from Airtable dropdown fields should now work correctly.

I believe I got it to work by playing with the filter settings; the filters I used for other blocks without issue weren’t cooperating as easily for the chart block, but switching to referring to record_IDs seemed to fix most of that. The more disappointing issue using these was learning that the charts aren’t reflecting the live data, and on a schedule to refresh every 15 minutes. I was receiving a lot of bug reports from users and thinking the block was not functioning until I learned of this detail.

Thanks for confirming!

I’m sorry you had to learn chart refresh rate the hard way :woozy_face:.
We do plan on surfacing refresh information explicitly.

Is there any way to force a chart to update? Through custom code, or some other way?

I’m in the same boat as Dany above. Users are very confused when they update information, why their charts are not accurate.

Still waiting for the data to update: 31 minutes in.

The data inside the studio builder is correct. I’ve ‘refreshed’ it there, published new changes, updated the data via softr & via airtable to see if it could catch any of the updates. Nothin.

Right now, I think my only option is to wait and see. But this is a huge issue for me if theres no way to tell the charts to update on page load.


In order to perform this you need a page reload each time users update their information.
Insert this code in the page settings => custom code => footer.
Just replace list-details3 by the name/ID of the block where the update comes from (update action button or one click update action button)

  window.addEventListener('update-record-success-list-details3', () => {
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 2000);

If it’s a form submit or add record action button:

  window.addEventListener('submit-form-success-list-details3', () => {
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 2000);

Hello everyone, we’ve just released Data freshness info on charts! Let me know if you have any questions/feedback.

hey Everyone! Thank you so much for the help and approaches. Unfortunately, none were the right fit for the following reasons.

  1. I needed to represent more than 99 items in the chart
  2. Even the ability to refresh the chart instantly would still be missing information.

Instead, we added a few lookup fields to a single record in Airtable, allowing us to represent all of the data (100+ records) in a single chart via chartjs. It requires a little refinement, but its by far the most flexible way we’ve found to represent real-time data and represent as many datapoints as we want (or more specifically, as many datapoints that can fit inside of AIrtable’s Lookup fields.)

Here are some screenshots to share how we did this.

  1. Detailed list block → looks at all of the lookup fields:
  2. Custom code block grabs all of the data from the lookup fields that load on the softr page
  3. The Chartjs code uses all of the data from the list details block and creates a chart out of it!

Hope this helps anyone else looking to go beyond softr’s charts!

I am still facing this issue on 25-Sep-2023. Couldn’t figure out why it would throw this error when the page is published but is showing data in the preview. Thanks to you and this thread - I removed the conditional filter and boom! it worked!
Softr team, Conditional filters are still not working on charts as on other blocks. When is this likely to be fixed?

Hi @meenal.malhotra did you reach out to our support team about your case?

Conditional filters are still not working on charts as on other blocks

Can you tell me more about it?

Just in → 📈 Time intervals on charts + New place to manage user groups.

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Just like @danyalamriben mentioned, I used recordid of the JobRole instead of using JobID= ‘AA01’ and it worked. Didn’t need to go to support. The point was chart blocks’ conditions work differently from other blocks - which has to be found through community - that at least it works with recordid!

Hello Jakub,

It seems I have the same issue as @danyalamriben , refreshing charts every 15 minutes generates bugs and slow performance. I have charts that refresh in different times and in more than 15 min (don’t know why), even thought they are in the same page.

Main data will be updated every month (only by admin in airtable) so I don’t really need a high refresh rate. Is it possible to modify/dissable it?

Thank you all for your work! :clap:

Hello @Alfie, thanks for your message.

  1. Refresh interval can’t be modified
  2. You shouldn’t see 22 minutes, as data should refresh every ~15 minutes or so. I’m passing this to engineering team
  3. If you’re interested in hiding this information, there’s a snippet you can use. Head on to “Hiding data freshness information” → Chart Block Overview – Softr Help Docs

@meenal.malhotra would you mind sharing a screenshot of your Airtable structure in a direct message? I’m trying to catch your Airtable field types and linked records structure better (JobID and how RecordID of JobRole is represented in Airtable).

Thank you for your detailed answer @Jakub !

Every 15 minutes charts won’t show, as you see in screenshot, and users have to wait 4-5 minutes for them to appear (refreshing the page).

I don’t know how to fix it :disappointed:, is it from Airtable API calls? could I improve performance someway?

Hey @Alfie could you share with me step by step scenario to recreate the issue + an app URL in a direct message?

Is there a custom code to change the color of the chart’s text? When using a dark background the text is very hard to see, especially the legend?

Also, when using sum, it doesn’t respect that it is adding up a currency field. It takes the numbers out to 10 digits passed the decimal. This may be because I’m using the number from a roll-up field.

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Hello @kmcquait,
You can change the data and tooltip colors using this custom code → Change the color of the charts
If by legend you mean axis labels – unfortunately currently there’s no custom code to change label colors.

As for Sum on the currency field – can you share the formatting used for the roll-up field in your data source?