Create unique compare and select items by logged in users

Hi community :wave:,

I’m building out a directory of software available in a niche industry.
I’ve linked a database of the software details including relevant categories, tags and features that people can filter from a list view.

There are two more functions I would like to add but not sure the way around this.

  1. I would like logged in users to select items within a list that they can compare
  2. Once they have compared they would then be able to decide on the software they want and display it on a page under their techstack list (I know they can do this via a form but having a drop down with every single software is going to be too much for them to choose)

Is something like this possible?

I am using google sheets as the datasource.

Thanks so much for any ideas!

I haven’t used Softr to do what you are doing (yet!) but having read this thread the other day, it might set you off in the right direction.

All the best for your project and developing your own skill set at the same time. I’ve loved that about Softr/Airtable myself.

Thanks so much for your fast assistance. I went through to the thread and then ending up finding this video:

It shows how to create a “favourite” button for logged in users and then display their favourite items on a page and it is going to be perfect for my use case.

I ended signing up with Airtable as it seems google sheets is lacking the automation and junction spreadsheet options without code.