Conditional Form Fields

@renegade DM me with your studio account email please

Would like acces to this feature as well.

Hello @artur I would love to get access to this beta. Currently blocked by this feature. Studio account email is

I was hoping this was going to be a part of Forms 2.0, but now I see it as a separate section under “Planned” on the roadmap. Any news on when “Dropdown options filtering” will be available?

For example: Only show records in dropdown that match a detail page records attributes. Let’s say you want to attach a change order to a project, you should only be able to see change order records with matching job id fields.

Is anyone else having issues with checkboxes?

In the new conditional forms, mandatory checkboxes can been skipped by ticking and un-ticking it. The form then allows you to proceed with the checkbox unticked…
Anyone else experiencing the same?

I’m glad that the conditional forms are live! Kudos to Softr team for the efforts!

I’ve created my first conditional form, but compared to the standard “Customizable form” where Address field is available (with option of use Google Api), at the new conditional forms Address field is not available option when you building the form fields.

Why is so and do you have option to activate it also for the “Conditional forms”?

Thank you

Hi @m.atanasov

I’ll check on this and see if I can find anything for you!

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Thank you! I’m looking forward hearing from you.

Thanks for catching this! it’s something we’re going to look into adding back as soon as we can.