Community Townhall with Mariam and Artur!

:calendar: Mark your calendars! We’re hosting a community town hall with Softr co-founders, @artur and @Mariam. This is your chance to hear from the Softr founders themselves and ask questions!

:alarm_clock:4:30pm CET

Register here:


Sorry, tried using time zone converter, but just want to confirm: what date / time is this in EST (Eastern)? Thanks!

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Nice! I was just thinking of this today and was going to suggest or ask. Looking forward to it!

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No worries! In Eastern, it is 10:30am :raised_hands:. It will be recorded!

Hi all, I sent out an email this morning but in case you did not see it, we have postponed this event due to sickness. We will let you know in the coming weeks of the new date! Thanks for understanding. :blue_heart:

Hi all, this event has been rescheduled and is happening next week. Please be sure to register again if you did last time. Our webinar software, unfortunately, does not copy over the registrations.

:calendar: Tue, Mar. 7th 2023 @ 5:00pm CET / 11:00am EST
:point_right: Register here.

Hi all! I wanted to say hi from the town hall. Would love to connect with anyone working on Softr projects using Airtable and complex workflows. Feel free to message me and I’ll share my email/Linkedin. Thanks! - Meredith


I had no idea this community existed!! I’m very glad to be here. Thanks to Mariam, Artur and Lizzie for such an organized event.


Hi all!

Feel free to use this space as a way to connect with each other post event! Thanks for the great idea! :fire:

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Hello, how to watch the recording?

Hi @Lizzie_LaCour - is there a recording for this I could watch? Thanks!