Community thoughts on Chart features?

I wanted to gather some feedback from the community on the chart features.

I have personally made maybe 3 dozens of requests to the softr team on the configuration of the chart features and how they are unusable. If anyone is familiar with how standard charting tools work and how data is stored in a table, you would know that these charts have no use in their current form. It is quite frustrating because it could open up a world of possibilities if the chart blocks were designed correctly.

These charts require your metrics to be actual field values, rather than doing the aggregating of counts for you. What I mean is, if you wanted to have a line chart with multiple counts of items, you would have to make a data table that had the following setup:

Category, Count 1, Count 2, Count 3
Category Value, Count 1 Value, Count 2 Value, Count 3 value

(Softr asks us to store wide data in this case, which is terrible practice)

I highly doubt anyone here is adding manual transformations on top of their raw data to create count values / wide data.

I think it is beyond frustrating that for over a year this feature has not been improved.

Is anyone using the chart blocks? And can the Softr team provide details on any planned improvements.

@aar0n right now the team works on enabling narrow data charting too.

Thank you Artur. You know this would help improve my website greatly.

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