Comments Block Syncing to AirTable but No Comments Showing

Hi there,

I have a list details page where i’ve added a comments block. I’ve synced the comments block to an AirTable table - Comments following the docs here. I have the time enabled in the Comment Date column of the Comments table

The sync seems to be working correctly - when i comment on the frontend, the data gets correctly populated in each of the mapped fields. However, the comments block still says "No comments" even after immediately submitting the comment. Since the table is correctly synced, this leads me to think this could be a bug?

I’ve tried the following basics: hard refresh, logging in and out, removing and re-adding the comment block, re-mapping the comment fields, clearing browser cache. No luck

Any ideas? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@Harrison could you paste an image of Airtable`s fields and softr image of the comment block? It works properly for me…

Hey @Harrison,

Can you please make sure to use a regular Date field on Airtable instead of a “Created time” field.**


Yep i’m using a regular Date field

The screenshot of the AirTable table (image 1) is after i click the comment button

Here’s what the comment block looks like on the frontend

Hi @Harrison , could you check if you have done this part?..about User´s avatar I mean to ckeck User´s profile page… User Profile – Softr Help Docs

Please, note that only logged-in users can add comments in your Softr app. Moreover, the user’s avatar will appear on his/her comment if the feature has already been set up as described here.

Also, if you have a moment, please share the page where I can see the comments block running.

Thanks in advance.

Just posted a comment to confirm the AirTable sync is still working

Hi @Harrison,
Thank you for your patience and for all the provided details. I’ve investigated the case, to be honest the issue occurs because of the special characters in primary field of the RFQ Factory field. We are aware of it and there is an open task to fix it.

In order not to go into technical details, let me give this kind of explanation - the comment block “reads” the name of the primary value and if any special character is present, it doesn’t “recognize” them when showing them in input.

As a workaround I would recommend instead of Text field with special characters using the Auto-number field in the in the Primary field in the Linked Table in Airtable. I mean instead of the field with "Factory 1 - “2L plastic bottle - (for Agricultural chemical - non toxic, non corrosive).” text use Auto-number on the first place. Nevertheless on the list details block you can continue using the fields you have, it’s not required to map the Auto-number field.

It’s important to mention, that in that case on RFQ Factor field on Comment’s table numbers will be shown and not the text it’s showing now. I assume, you would need to see the content of the record it was commented on, so you can add a lookup field to show it on the Comment table in Airtable.

Hope the explanation makes sense and the workaround would work for you. Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy to help.


Thanks heaps for investigating and providing the explanation - really appreciate the details! I’ll implement this workaround :heart:

Thank you also @Suzie @raul_lopez!