Can the Stripe Checkout Block be used to buy a product?


When I order a product with Stripe Checkout block, it doesn’t appeared as paid in Stripe.

It is just creating the draft of an invoice.

When I am using a Stripe Payment Link, everything works like a charm.

Is it normal ?


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Hey @Charles,

I have sent you a DM for discussing a few more details to be able to help you.

Please, check and respond.

Hi Charles, were you ever able to figure this out?

Hi Charles. I would also like to hear about your progress. I am finding that the Softr/Stripe integration is not nearly as straightforward as the Softr docs description.

For instance, when you use buttons on the Softr pricing block to link to a Stripe checkout page, a user can make a purchase, but if that same user attempts to then select another product from the pricing block, Stripe creates a different subscription but also creates an entirely different customer for that subscription. Essentially, Stripe does not recognize the Softr user is changing their subscription with said user journey.

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Hi @Ben and @gabeski .

Same here, too complicated for subscription. So I am using a Stripe Link to manage all the subscription and payment.

I am waiting for a better support, but with link and the new Stripe Billing Portal module, everything is working :wink:

Right Charles. I just submitted a feature request for the pricing block to upgrade/downgrade subscription users. Softr only uses emails, rather than the Stripe Customer ID to integrate and map back to the Softr user.

I noticed your comment about Stripe links earlier. What Softr block are you linking Stripe Links too and how are you collecting the payment data so it is reflected back on your Softr user?

I am using the classic pricing block with a redirection to the Stripe Link so as to subscribe.

Because Softr is connected with Stripe too, you can put condition for subscribers who are using this method : hiding or showing a block for example.

For managing subscription, I am making a link to Stripe Billing Portal : it allows to download bills and changing everything, plus enabling the prorata :slight_smile:

I believe that it works for you and can see that a user is mapped when using the Pricing Block Buttons and Billing Portal, but not sure how Softr would map the user through a Stripe Product Link.

you can add parameters to a Stripe link, like a mail or an ID so as the email field is prefilled :wink: