Stripe Integration That Uprades Users' Subscriptions

Softr’s Stripe integration does not upgrade a user’s subscription, only creates and cancels one. When paid users are redirected to a pricing block to change their subscription, rather than changing the user’s subscription Stripe creates another customer with the same email address for that updated subscription. This does not upgrade the user’s subscription status in Softr, since there are now multiple customers with the same user email in Stripe, one with the existing subscription and one with the new subscription.

Update Softr’s Stripe integration so the pricing block is used as tiered pricing blocks are intended, to upgrade users like we do when we upgrade our Softr subscriptions.

Any update on this?

Any update here its been 8 months

Please…I know business tools have become the focus of Softr, but many of us here from the start are no-code builders that we’re excited about the Stripe paywall options. And it only works 80% like this.

Is this fix even on the roadmap?

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Hi @J_1. In case you haven’t tried it, Softr expects builders to use their Stripe portal block for upgrading/downgrading users’ subscriptions. It’s not the most seamless user journey, but it is configurable.

hey @ben, thanks for the info. Yeah, I remember again when running into this issue.
What you describe is indeed the only way the Softr integrations seems to work.

Problem for us is, we have another place, besides the Softr build website, that manages our members subscriptions through Stripe. Unfortunately, while we connected this Stripe account, any changes to subscription plans are not picked up by the Softr integration. Because of this, we’re unable to create user groups based on Stripe subscriptions and had to develop a workaround (Stripe triggering a Pabbly workflow which in turn changes the users metadata in Airtable for the subscription plan field).

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