Can I restrict the frequency with which user can submit a form?

I think this is probably an Airtable question.

But I need one of my forms to only allow one submission per calendar month.

Any thoughts on how to do this?

Form block - conditional visibility

And yes, an Airtable formula can set a field value to 1 or 0 if a form has been submitted or not in the same calendar month.

Formula could be:

One possible formula to enter a field value of 1 if a user has submitted a form in the same calendar month is:

IF ( DATETIME_FORMAT ( {Submission Date}, ‘YYYY-MM’ ) = DATETIME_FORMAT ( TODAY (), ‘YYYY-MM’ ), 1, 0 )

And how can I tell the Softr form to not allow the related field to be edit-able until the next calendar month?

EDIT: I figured it out. Thanks!