Buttons on list details don't scroll to that list item's linked list

Instead, scrolls and opens up the first item on the linked list in your airtable view, like the default list order is in the studio.

Hi Ben, it’s a known issue and we will address soon

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Still having issues with buttons not scrolling to mapped block. Just attempting to scroll down on the same page to a particular block. It works randomly.

Hi Ben,

Are you testing on a newly added block?

Hi Suzie,
No. I’m using a reduplicated CTA block.

Dear Ben,

May I kindly ask you to create a new block (not duplicate it) and test it once again?

Let me know if you still have the issue after adding a new block.

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Hi Suzie,
Sorry for the delay in response.
I created new CTA blocks with buttons that are mapped to scroll to other CTA blocks lower on the same page. They seem to work better now, but when I initially go to the page, the buttons still send me down to the bottom of the page instead of the particular block it is mapped to. After the initial button use, they tend to work fine and send me to the appropriate block on the page.

Hi Ben,

Could you please add a screen recording for me? I will need to see this to be able to help you.

Thanks in advance.