Buttons in List & List Details Action to change/update airtable field to predefined value

Have ability to define button action to update value in airtable field and refresh block.

Button → Action → Update Airtable Field (from current recordID) → Select field → Enter new value

Use case - Update status of Single Select Airtable field upon button press. ie. Button that says “Accept” changes status field in Airtable to “Confirmed” then refreshes block so if no longer in airtable view disappears from list.

Example of settings I envision :slight_smile:

Also - Similar to the form button, have same actions with the list & list details buttons to pass data from that particular record with different actions like this.


Yep agree with Nick this would be a great addition to Softr! Using webhooks with buttons currently which is ok in an internal business portal but not really usable within a customer facing app…

We are doing few use cases now with custom code and then will be doing it in Q3 this year properly


Awesome! Sounds like your Q3 will be loaded with features :smiley:

That would be amazing!


Yes. This would be really useful for external users, rather than sending them to an additional form to collect their action.

Very useful. Was this implemented?

@artur How is this one doing?

In general, it would be great to get cooler ways of getting information from users than just using forms (buttons, toggle switches etc.). Preferably these should be integrated in list or list details as that allows you to show relevant info at the same time.

Forms as a part of a list or list details would also be great. You see all the info you need and then add your reply. One example: The listed price is $110, the buyer requests to get it for $100. The seller can see this info and offer $105.

Definitely of use to us. For example, we need to display artwork images for moderators to curate for exhibitions. The easiest way to do this is in a Kanban view, but the images there are too small. However, if we display the images in a different list format, there is no quick and easy way to change the rating value of the image.

@Buildr, @swshrey

We are still working on this, hope very soon the feature will be live :slight_smile:

Hi @Suzie, any update? This would be an amazing feature to have.

Hey @trustyourtr,

The work is on progress :slight_smile:

We are working on some very important updates for the blocks, we will start implementing new features after them.


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Hello @Suzie,

Do you have any idea of time (1 week or X months) because I am recording courses and I think this feature will make me record everything so I will wait the release maybe…


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Action button that updates a field value will come within 3-4 weeks. It’s being implemented as we speak.


What’s the best way for website users to edit a rating field right now?

I tried to include the rating field in the edit permissions setting but the rating field is not shown in that setting.

For the other fields, I want users to be able to update, the current pencil icon and the flow to edit the fields are not easy to use or understand for website visitors. Scrolling a dropdown list inside of a scrollable modal is difficult.

Hey @viraj,

Editing Rating field option is a coming feature.

I will try to check when it will be available and will keep you posted. Regarding the pencil icon change and dropdown field scrolling, this will be taken into account surely. I will add these requests to our list.

Will keep you posted once having an update on this.

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Exciting ! Any update on this ?

@erwanp the work has started in between we had to do a bit of redesign so it’s a bit delayed. But in works as we speak.


Would this enable me to add a button to update a field in the underlying base?

Ie - Click on a big green “Resolved” button to mark an “issue” resolved? Am working on an issue tracker in Softr.

Would be great if so -

@daviesap yes absolutely