Automatic author assignment

hi guys,
is there a way to automatically assign a field to whoever is adding/updating a form?

What I am trying to do:
from the blog page, a list block with articles pulled from airtable, I added a “add new article” button, visible to logged in users.
The popup form is linked to the airtable base so that anything written in the popup goes to airtable and consequently gets displayed on the blog page.
However, I would like the article to be assigned to whoever is writing it so that I can display the author at the end of the article itself AND add a list block to each profile to display the articles written by that specific author.

I would like it to be automatically pulled from the airtable list of users to avoid misspellings or differences in writing the author name, and duplicates.

Hopefully this makes sense :slight_smile:

Does this help you progress your idea?

thank you!