Automatically connecting records from new forms

I want my new users to give some information when they sign up.

Then, on their dashboard, I want the option for them to add new elements to their public profile, such as PD course details and links to their websites etc.

These new forms will create new records, instead of just adding to the users current record.

How do I set this up so that as soon as they complete a form giving their PD course details, their user is automatically connected to it, and therefore automatically showing the list and details on the appropriate page?

Hi @James,

When the data submitted through the form:

  1. Add hidden field to send user email/ record id (field’s type: linked to another record, then select user table). then if you want to show it on list and list details just use conditional logic user email is logged’in user email.


  1. When new record is created, you can use automation on airtable to find the related record on table user and update the related filed based on information submitted from the new form.

I hope this helps.